About the Event

Refrigerants Review is an immersive discussion on refrigerants that engages policy makers, regulators, scientists, technology solutions providers, service providers and end-users. To date, this unique conference platform has brought together international stakeholders on three occasions to discuss broad issues, including the assessment of refrigerants, keeping in mind such factors as health & safety, energy efficiency, Global Warming Potential (GWP), Ozone-Depleting Potential (ODP) and Lifecycle Climate Performance (LCCP).

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Key Topics

  • Predictive analysis: What will future regulations entail for the refrigeration and building industries, including owners of facilities, given the fact that climatologists are stoking fears that even what is being done is inadequate in reversing the phenomenon of catastrophic climate change?
  • Refrigerants in the context of climate change mitigation initiatives across the United States, like the New York Climate Action Plan. What HVAC systems are being considered by building owners? How are refrigerants featuring in the strategic planning of building-retrofit activities? Are the right refrigerant choices attracting incentives for building owners?

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Why attend?

  • Learn first-hand about regulations and enforcement initiatives and measures by governments across the region
  • Opportunity to interact with technology solutions providers, service providers, consultants and contractors in arriving at strategies and solutions, as per specific requirements and as per overall goals to align with governmental regulations and corporate strategies towards safeguarding the environment
  • Opportunity to view the latest technological solutions showcased at the conference

Speaker Quotes


Montreal Protocol is one of the successfully implemented international protocols to save the planet earth. To address the issues of HFCs and other refrigerant management issues particularly in GCC collective wisdom of all stakeholders is required. Refrigerant Review meet will be an ideal platform to discuss various refrigerant issues GCC is facing

- Muthukumar Ramaswamy, Technical Expert - Royal Estates, Royal Court Affairs, Sultanate of Oman

How Project Management Consultants can influence Owners, Clients and Contractors on current infrastructure retrofitting options, trends and emerging Technologies

- Timothy McLaren, Senior Commercial Contracts Engineer, Ramboll

Hot climate countries have particular challenges regarding the phase down of HFCs and energy efficiency of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. This conference will help stakeholders to choose the best solutions


Climate change and planet protection are the greatest concerns of the current civilization and I would like the event to stimulate healthy discussions amongst the delegates

- P Jagannathan, Manager-Sustainability, Trakhees

Integrating Energy Efficiency in cooling along with the mandates of the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol of the global process on migrating to low-GWP, low-ODP and non-flammable refrigerants

- Mazen Hussein, Head - National Ozone Unit, Ministry of Environment, Lebanon